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Il Piemonte 'Gagliardo', Gianni Gagliardo

The "Gagliardo" Piedmont

Poderi Gianni Gagliardo è un nome sinonimo in Piemonte dei grandi vini di Langa. Una storia iniziata molti anni fa e che oggi è una solida realtà del Barolo, con fino a 10 appezzamenti divisi in cinque diversi comuni. Di ogni terroir, di ogni vigna e di ogni vitigno, Gagliardo sa come trarne il massimo. In bottiglia, si possono apprezzare vini con una forte personalità e un forte legame con il territorio. Come la Barbera Rosina, fatta con le uve dei vigneti più giovani, un vino particolarmente bevibile e perfetto con i piatti della tradizione. O il Langhe Nebbiolo, che non raggiunge la finezza del Barolo, ma è un ottimo compromesso tra qualità (eccellente) e prezzo (ragionevole). Fino al Fallegro, un interessante e raro vino bianco ottenuto dall'uva Favorita e considerato la versione piemontese del classico Vermentino. Questa particolare selezione è dedicata ai buoni vini Gagliardo.

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Cod. S7067
Marketed by: Svinando Wine Club via G. Cane 47bis-50 12055 Diano d'Alba (CN) - Italy.
Dabatiè Langhe DOC Nebbiolo, Gianni Gagliardo

Dabatiè Langhe DOC Nebbiolo

Gianni Gagliardo
2020 - Piedmont, Monticello d'Alba (CN)
A simple and enjoyable Nebbiolo

A wine region is great when its base wines are also great products. In Piedmont, for example, Nebbiolo doesn't have to be a Barolo or Barbaresco to be extremely enjoyable. An example? This Langhe Nebbiolo proposed by Poderi Gianni Gagliardo. A simple but particularly pleasant wine. It is the result of careful processing in the cellar and the fruit of about a year's refinement in steel (followed by a few months in the bottle). The result is an immediate and vertical wine. A wine that knows how to make a good impression on the table, with the right pairing (of course). If the view is appreciated for the beautiful, not too deep, ruby red colour, the nose is amazed by the richness of its aromas ranging from mineral notes of graphite, red fruits to spices. In the mouth it is elegant and harmonious. Pleasantly fresh and mineral, it is a wine that is unlikely to be left over at the end of a dinner with friends.

14%  vol.
Serving Temperature
16 °C 16°
Contains Sulphites
Organoleptic characteristics

Graphite, red fruits and spices. Elegant and harmonious on the palate with a nice minerality

Rosina Barbera d'Asti DOCG, Gianni Gagliardo

"Rosina" Barbera D'Asti DOCG

Gianni Gagliardo
2020 - Piedmont, Agliano (AT)
Barbera to be drunk young

It is called Rosina and it is a very pleasant Barbera d'Asti proposed by Tenuta Garetto. A simple and immediate wine produced with grapes harvested from the company's youngest vineyards. A Barbera that is particularly drinkable, obtained without being aged in wood but with a simple period of refinement in an inert container. The result is a wine characterized by an intense and lively ruby red colour. The nose has fresh and fragrant notes of red fruit, with pleasantly vegetal hints. In the mouth, then, it reveals a fresh wine, well supported by a vibrant acidity, very typical for the variety. Overall, however, the wine is well balanced and has a pleasantly vinous finish.

13,5% vol
Serving Temperature
Contains Sulphites
Organoleptic characteristics

The nose has fresh and fragrant notes of red fruit, with pleasantly vegetal hints. Snappy and balanced palate.

Fallegro Langhe DOC Favorita, Gianni Gagliardo

Fallegro Langhe DOC Favorita 2021

Gianni Gagliardo
2021 - Piedmont, Roero
A Vermentino that speaks Piedmontese

We are accustomed to thinking of Vermentino as a grape variety that loves heat and proximity to the sea. But few people know that in Piedmont, far from the coasts and in a decidedly more continental climate, a grape variety is grown, Favorita, which is considered the Piedmont version of Vermentino. Together with the original Vermentino, Favorita grapes give life to fresh and fragrant wines, ideal as an aperitif but also perfect for serving at the table. Fallegro is one of the first Favorita wines originating in Piedmont. It is produced by Poderi Gianni Gagliardo. A careful process that starts with a rigorous selection in the vineyard. Each particle is vinified separately, and is assembled with the others only at the end of the processing. This is followed by about four months of refinement in steel and then bottling. The result is a wine with a strongly mineral character, with citrus, fruity and floral notes. In the mouth it is lively and incredibly pleasant.

12,5%  vol.
Serving Temperature
12° 12°
Contains Sulphites
Organoleptic characteristics

Mineral, lemon leaf, apple, floral. Lively and pleasant


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