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Produttori Di Bolzano Passione Altoatesina, Cantina Bolzano

Bolzano Altoatesina Passion Producer

How can you not fall in love with South Tyrol at the first sip? How can you not love an enchanted area like this, where the view is divided between ever snow-capped peaks, forests and alpine lakes? The latter in particular play a fundamental role in the fragile ecosystem of this area. They make the alpine climate less severe than one might imagine. And it is precisely this constellation that allows viticulture to thrive. Here, in the vineyards that climb the slopes of the mountains, the best grapes of the region grow and everything moves in perfect balance with nature. The winegrowers are the true guardians of the environment and often implement responsible and sustainable viticulture. While we wait for the next weekend between mountain huts and mountain hikes, we can get a taste for it with this very special selection. Three wines, good and representative of the area, produced by Weingut Bozen, a beautiful cooperative reality that brings together many small South Tyrolean winemakers. Gewürztraminer, Lagrein and Pinot Blanc to travel - at least in spirit - to an enchanted corner of our land.

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(cod. S7026)

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Cod. S7026
Marketed by: Svinando Wine Club via G. Cane 47bis-50 12055 Diano d'Alba (CN) - Italy.
Südtirol Alto Adige Lagrein DOC Perl, Cantina Bolzano

"Perl" Lagrein Alto Adige DOC 2021

Cantina Bolzano
2021 - South Tyrol, Bolzano
A Lagrein that goes straight to the heart

Südtirol Alto Adige Lagrein DOC Perl from Cantina Bolzano is above all harmonious on the palate, while boasting a range of aromas and suggestions that will amaze even the most demanding wine lover. It combines fruity aromas with a great softness of tannins, all filtered by a crimson light given by the intense ruby red colour fabric. On the nose, Südtirol Alto Adige Lagrein DOC Perl is irresistible for its arabesque texture of scents, above all prune and black cherry. Spicy and mineral, tannic without renouncing a pleasant softness, this Lagrein boasts an accentuated acidity, typical of the variety, enjoyable from the first sip. At the table it is a perfect match for grilled meats and roasts, convincing with game and surprising with cheeses with a more intense flavour. This Perl from Cantina Bolzano is a Lagrein to die for

13,5 Vol,%  vol.
Serving Temperature
Contains Sulphites
Sudtirol Alto Adige Pinot Bianco DOC Dellago, Cantina Bolzano

"Dellago" Pinot Bianco Alto Adige DOC 2022

Cantina Bolzano
2020 - South Tyrol, Alto Adige
A white of the highest quality

Cantina Bolzano's Südtirol Alto Adige DOC has an important history: the Pinot Bianco at its heart arrived in South Tyrol in 1850, introduced by the Archduke John of Austria. It has come a long way in an abundant century and a half: the noble lineage can be felt at first glance. It has a lovely straw-yellow colour, with greenish streaks, and a fruity aroma, with hints of Golden Delicious apple accompanied by notes of pear and white peach. Good minerality on the palate, with considerable structure and accentuated elegance. Südtirol Alto Adige DOC from Cantina Bolzano is excellent with asparagus, vegetarian dishes, pasta and poultry. Delicious with all appetizers. A harmonious and delicate, noble wine: to give as a gift on special occasions.

14% vol,
Serving Temperature
Contains Sulphites
'Ceslar' Gewürztraminer Alto Adige DOC 2022, Cantina Bolzano

"Ceslar" Gewürztraminer Alto Adige DOC 2022

Cantina Bolzano
2022 - South Tirol, Bolzano
South Tyrolean Aromatic

Traminer Aromatico, already known in the 13th century, is today certainly the most famous South Tyrolean wine. Experts now agree that it originated in Alto Adige, more precisely in the small village of Termeno, or Tramin, from which it takes its name. This aromatic wine, made from grapes carefully selected by the winemaker and coming from the steep slopes surrounding Bolzano, is the result of a short maceration of the grapes, followed by soft pressing and fermentation in stainless steel at a controlled temperature. Everything is done to respect the initial fruit as much as possible. Ceslar, Gewürztraminer Alto Adige DOC from Cantina Bolzano, is a beautiful, intense straw yellow colour with golden highlights. The nose is striking for the elegance of its aromas which recall rose petals, lychees, grapefruit, lime, but also cloves and cinnamon. An extremely gratifying wine, which is full and complex in the mouth. But also smooth and with a pleasant freshness. It is the wine to uncork when your lunch or dinner includes shellfish dishes. It is also perfectly suited to accompany pleasantly spicy dishes, typical of Asian cuisine.

14,5  vol.
Serving Temperature
12 grades
Contains Sulphites

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