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Riesling Renano: the noble grape variety par excellence

Discovering an elegant and refined variety

The Riesling Renano, also known as Riesling Bianco, is a white grape variety which has its origins in the Rhine valley in Germany, where it was cultivated as far back as Roman times. With an elegant and delicate charm, it's one of the most refined white wines, whilst also being one of the most difficult to approach.

Origins and history of the Riesling Renano

A noble grape variety which gives us some of the most refined grapes best suited to the production of white wine, the Riesling Renano comes from Germany. In fact, as its name suggests, it comes from the Rhine Valley, where it was cultivated by the Romans as far back as ancient times. 

The documented history of this grape variety begins in 1435, when Count Johann IV of Katzenelnbogen bought some Riesling Renano cuttings. From 1600, contemporaneously with the Thirty Years' War, it became widespread, in part because a lot of the vineyards of Central Europe had been destroyed. 
In the 19th century the German Rieslings were considered to be very great wines, to the extent that they could even compete with the French white wines, and it was at this time that the vine came to Italy. But the rise of the Riesling came to a sudden halt thanks to the two World Wars. However, from 1996, it became the most-cultivated grape variety in Germany.

Riesling Renano: production areas

Widely cultivated throughout the world, the Riesling Renano is mainly grown in Germany, where most of the land is suited to this vine. The most important regions are in the South-West, particularly the Moselle (Mosel - Saar - Ruhr) and Rheingau. 
In Italy it's Trentino-Alto Adige which mainly plays host to this vine, followed by the Oltrepò Pavese, Veneto and Friuli-Venezia. The best Rieslings come from the Alto Adige, where the climate allows the grape to mature in the best possible way. After all, one of the peculiarities of this variety is its resistance, which allows it to withstand low temperatures.

The organoleptic characteristics of the Riesling Renano

Vinified in purity, “Aristos” Riesling Alto Adige DOC is a rich and intense wine, which is particularly aromatic and fresh. It comes from vineyards cultivated at a high altitude, where the cold climate and stony soils allow this variety to best express itself. With a bright straw-yellow colour, it stands out on the nose, where it has hints of rennet apples, citrus fruits, fresh grass and white flowers. On the palate, on the other hand, it's fresh and elegant, with a pleasingly aromatic finish. 

How can we pair the noble Riesling?

Rieslings are particularly versatile white wines, excellent both paired with fish and with white meats and goat's cheeses. For example, Riesling "Montiggi" Alto Adige DOC 2020 is perfect for both an aperitif and a fish-based menu.

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